MIX 2015


Went on Friday this year, hoping that I'd get a super hot vibe on a Friday night. Last year I missed some people, and I wondered if it wasn't because they were too pooped from over-doing it on Friday. They were having electrical troubles because they were overloading the capacity with all their lights and projectors. Space seemed smaller and installations less impressive than previous years. Had trouble finding a good vibe.

Ran around in ostentatiously ripped underwear for a while. Got a little attention. Stripped naked and climbed in one of the few interactive installations. My photographer friend Efrain Gonzalez snapped some pics. They turned out to be rather artistic.

Later I put on my Penis Mime look, reprising Folsom 2012. I don't like to repeat looks, but at list this was across venues. I also augmented the look with faerie stockings I got at a Halloween store. I was getting like zero attention. But Efrain continued taking pics.

Later in the evening while peeking in on a lesbian sex scene, just out of curiosity to see what, if anything, they really do in there, I think I got my first look at a transexual penis. It looked about like what I'd expect Hedwig's angry inch to look like. There was one hot guy there, a tall and buff latino guy. He was hanging out with some guy who looked just like Philip Seymore Hoffman's character in Mr. Ripley. Later on I sucked the Latino guy's dick a little. I think I hear him call to his friend, saying that "this guy's sucking dicks." All I know is Philip Seymore Hoffman comes flying across the room with his dick out and starts poking me in the face with it while I've already got the Latino's dick in my mouth, and all this just when I was about to cum. I stop sucking Latino guy, use my free hand to push Philip Seymore Hoffman away from me, and spooge out a huge load onto the floor.