• people with clothes on seeing me naked
  • modeling nude; people studying my nakedness
  • someone seeing my erection
  • being naked outdoors in the sunshine and breeze
  • skinny dipping, especially with friends
  • steam rooms and saunas
  • deep-throat blow jobs
  • seeing someone perform auto-fellatio
  • go-go dancers (okay, I admit it)
  • young, skinny punk rockers
  • young, skinny deadheads / phisheads
  • swimmers, wrestlers, and gymnasts


  • body fat
  • over-abundant body hair
  • pretentious come-ons
  • sweaters draped over the shoulders and tied about the neck
  • vegetarian food, "third world" cuisines, any food I can't identify
  • dogmatic, "in your face" religeous people
  • cookie-cutter houses in planned neighborhoods
  • holiday decorations, flowers, etc.
  • guys with hairy shoulders wearing tank-tops
  • home pages that begin "So you want to know a little more about me..."

My Ideal Man


  • if he don't have the abs, he don't have nothin'
  • a well-defined chest (pectoralus cleavagious)
  • shapely upper arms and strong shoulders
  • nicely contoured butt; not flat; well-proportioned to body
  • preferably hairless; body hair okay if moderate and well-patterned
  • sharp facial features: cheek bones, jaw line, nose bridge, etc.
  • doesn't need to be G.Q., but should have a warm smile and a twinkle in the eye
  • preferably a full head of hair, but balding is okay if he wears it well.


    Although it might be politically incorrect to admit it, the penis makes a big difference to me. An otherwise perfect guy could potentially be ruled out if I really didn't like his dick. For me, it doesn't have to be huge, but at the very least it should be a good mouthful. From there on, any more size is a plus. It's also important to me that the penis be visually appealing. The glans should be shapely, and well proportioned to the shaft. Ideally the shaft should be perfectly straight, and uniformly thick from the base up to a gentle taper to the glans. A slight bend forward or arching back is no big deal, but I've never been fond of the odd twist to the side. The ease with which it becomes and remains erect is also very important, as is the degree to which it becomes stiff. Any penis should be stiff enough to defy gravity, at least for limited periods of time. Droopy balls are okay when at rest, but they should be able to snuggle up during sex. Ideally the organ should be intact, but there's nothing wrong with a nice clipcock.

Personality - what he is

  • strong sense of humor; can laugh at himself; see's humor in all situations
  • good conversationalist
  • overwhelmingly self-confident; just short of cocky
  • decisive; knows what he wants; stands up for what he believes in
  • independent; doesn't need me 7-24
  • meets new people easily
  • enjoys trying new things; open minded
  • a good driver; operates the vehicle skillfully; effective in traffic situations

Personality - what he's not

  • doesn't mind if other people see him naked
  • not affraid to get his hands dirty and/or break a sweat
  • doesn't need immaculate living environment and nice new furniture
  • won't freak if he has to wear the same underwear a second day or go a day without showering
  • doesn't have to dance to enjoy himself in a club
  • not addicted to shopping
  • should not eschew motorcycle travel
  • not private; his life is an open book
  • never pressure me to change
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