Toaph's Bucket List

(in no particular order)

  1. Go to the space ship shaped cap of the Empire State Building spire where the antenna is mounted
  2. Get up to the torch in the Statue of Liberty
  3. Deepthroat George St-Pierre
  4. Hang glide
  5. Visit Katmandu and lay eyes on Mount Everest
  6. Skinny dip in every ocean of the globe
  7. Be incarcerated
  8. Stand naked before a worldwide live audience
  9. Swim with singing whales
  10. Get a full-body tattoo
  11. Walk the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid of Cheops
  12. Cum on the toes of Michelangelo's David
  13. Streak on the Great Wall of China
  14. Play roulette in Monte Carlo
  15. See my work hanging in MOMA
  16. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  17. Father a child
  18. Sneak around inside Vatican City
  19. Visit Timbuktu
  20. Find true love
  21. Suffocate to death

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