Folsom Street Fair Looks

2000 - Leather Jock & Latex Top

This was my first ever Folsom Street Fair. I wasn't sure what to expect. I had the jock and latex top from a previous stay in San Francisco. They were just perfect for the fair, but I had to walk around with my pants in my hand all day. These images are from a quick video clip I had a friend shoot while he was holding my pants for me. Later in the day, I saw a couple guys return back to the hotel walking the streets in nothing but full-body harnesses. I swore that the next year I would walk all the way there and back in whatever I was wearing to the fair.

2001 - Road Warrior Villain

I put this outfit together from sports equipment I had been picking up piece by piece at the local Salvation Army. I wasn't necessarily trying to recreate the biker villain from the Road Warrier, but I certainly did directly borrow the feathers around the neck and the fur flap over the ass crack from that character's costume. It was a huge hit, and I did walk all the way there and back in the outfit.

2003 - Gigantic White Briefs

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Sometimes even I don't know where my crazy ideas come from. This year I chose to wear the biggest, most gigantic white briefs I could find. Since they were so ridiculously bigger than my skinny little body, I had to hold them up by suspenders. For good measure, I added some cum stains to the ass. It was deliciously outrageous. People had no idea what to make of it. Regrettably, not a single picture was taken (at least not one I have access to).

2004 - Generic Queer Superhero

This was an outfit I put together just from other things I had. The shirt was something I got from International Male. Coupled with a black Speedo and an elaborate leather belt, it looked very Superhero-ish. Add my motorcycle gauntlets and black combat boots, and presto!

2005 - Don't even remember...

No photo exists

This year was like the year that wasn't. I was hyper-jetlagged the whole time I was in town, and had no energy or enthusiasm at all. The guy I was hanging out with misinterpreted something I said and though I was trying to ditch him, so he left me alone. A while after he left, I got bored and left myself. At that point, all my friends showed up and wondered where I was. I don't even remember what I wore, but it probably involved my leather jock and harness top.

2007 - Harness Top & Leather Jock

This year sort of marked my return to FSF. The outfit wasn't anything too earth-shattering, but there was one big difference. When I removed the snap-off codpiece, it was the first time I hit the fair with exposed genitals. I absolutely loved it. I decided that it was a trend that would continue. I wasn't willing to walk to the fair and back quite this exposed. By this time I had learned of the clothing check service that the Powerhouse bar provided. It worked well, but the Powerhouse was such a zoo by the end of the day it was really difficult to get back in to retrieve my stuff.

2008 - Just Knee Pads

My intention this year was to be as exposed as possible. Some months earlier I had been working on a home improvement project. As always I was working naked. I happened to have on a pair of knee pads, and when I took a glance in the mirror I knew it had to be my Folsom look. The implications was that the knee pads were so that I could get down on my knees and suck cock. At the fair, some people got it instantly, but others were like, "Uhhh, why the knee pads?" I also had a pair of nasty, dirty old underwear that were on and off over the course of the day. I didn't want to deal with the Powerhouse clothes check, so I brought a pair of shorts and t-shirt that I stashed behind a port-a-pottie while I was running around the fair. They were safely waiting for me by the time I got back.

2009 - Harness Bottom

Once again my goal was to be as exposed as possible. I decided to go with the simple harness bottom and basically nothing else. I loved it, and it worked really well. Once again I wore shorts and t-shirt to the fair, which I stashed behind a port-a-pottie, and once again I walked around with underwear on and off over the course of the day. The thing that was different was this time when I returned to my stuff, the t-shirt was still there, but the shorts had been stolen. This meant that I had to walk back to the hotel in my underwear.

2010 - Stark Naked (w/ Mohawk)

My big idea this year was to be naked, but walk around with a marker so that people could write on my bare skin over the course of the day. It was a great idea, but didn't work out in practice. I had forgotten that I slather myself in sunscreen at the start of the day. With my skin so oily, the marker just didn't work. Still, I had a great day running around completely naked. This time I brought multiple pairs of shorts and t-shirts that I could hide in multiple locations in case anyone stole them.

2012 - Penis Mime

Every year it was becoming harder to come up with a new look. Once I went naked, I gave myself a great challenge. How do you put a different spin on naked? I got the idea that I could put clown white on my face and just the knob of my dick. But after practicing a couple times at home, I realized that it would be much better to cover my whole package in white. I thought it was brilliant. Like the knee pads, some people got the joke right away, and others were clueless. However it wasn't until the very end of the day that someone coined the label "Penis Mime." It was perfect.

2014 - Mud Man

Once again it was a challenge on how to put a new spin on naked. I had been in the practice of taking walking mud baths at my pond back home. I thought how fun it would be to walk around like that on Folsom. I scooped up a bucket of fresh mud and sealed it in a large tupperware container. But I didn't think they'd let me take it on the plane, so I UPS'd it to friends out there. It was an overcast day, and the temperatures were uncomfortably cold to be naked, I had to suck it up and deal. Nothing will keep me from enjoying Folsom. I started out just plain old bare naked. I was even down to the bare feet for the first time. I was staying at The Inn On Folsom, on the very block just outside the gate, so for the first time I didn't care if anyone swiped my stuff. Worst case I could scamper naked back to the hotel and have them buzz me in. Once I'd completed my first lap of the fair, I decided it was time for the mud. When it went on, it was still very wet, and it the already cold air, I was positively freezing! But I was high on the adrenalin of being naked at Folsom, so I didn't let it bother me. Truth is it dried pretty quickly, and if anything helped to keep me less exposed. The affect on the crowd was all I could have hoped for and more! People were either saying, "Oh you dirty boy!" or calling out "Burning Man!" Later in the day I had someone come up to me and say, "Whenever I stop to talk to anyone, every one of them has said, 'Have you seen the guy in the mud?'" Literally the whole fair was talking about me. I even made the online San Francisco Chronicle.

2016 - Lokai (from Star Trek "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield")

I was starting to run out of ideas for variations on naked, but I had one idea left. But it would be an undertaking. I thought of that old Star Trek episode with Frank Gorshen where they're white on one side and black on the other. I always pictured those guys naked when I saw the episode. I didn't know if I wanted to go to the trouble, but when I was kicking around the Castro I discovered that they were selling black and white body paint by the tube in the novelty store, so I had no excuse. My guest Jose helped paint it on me. I thought it would be a mess, but it actually worked out really well. The line down the middle was much more straight and clean than I ever expected, even all the way around my junk. A surprising number of people got the reference, but the rest of them interpreted it as a statement on racial balance, which also got a lot of positive feedback. But it was hot day, and I was sweating profusely the whole time, which messed up the paint pretty bad after not too long. By the end of the day it was all messed up. And my dick and palms were pure gray, because for the first time at Folsom I was jerking myself off openly for like the last 2 hours of the fair.

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