Deepthroat Study #2711 min 9 sec  ©2014
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Filmmaker Christopher Westfall has been building a private collection of his own sexual performances since he first held a video camera and turned it upon himself. Along the way, as he came to master the practice of deep throat oral sex, a sub-collection emerged. Deepthroat Study #27 is the latest, most formal exercise in the capture of deep throat oral sex acts. Viscerally tactile, this video makes the viewer feel like he's right there in the action.
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Film Festival Screenings
2014Oct24Berlin Porn Festival - Berlin Germany
2015Feb28New York Porn Festival - Brooklyn New York
2015Apr03Lost & Found - Amsterdam NL
2015May16HOLY FUCK Film Festival - Amsterdam NL
2015Jun13Pop Porn Festival - Sao Paulo Brazil
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