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Below is my full videography presented by category. Click here for a purely chronological backlog.

Student Film
Pard' Me A surreal comedy short with lots and lots of dirty words 3:26 1997
G*I*J*O A one-man character monologue 8:30 1998
VoyEx An exploration into the voyeur/exhibitionist relationship 8:30 1999
Gay Marriage A One-man Show 14:30 2000
Pee Wee's Sodomy House An animated spoof of the legendary TV show 7:30 2001
Narcissus' Kaleidoscope What would you see in a kaleidoscope belonging to Narcissus? 4:00 2007
Reflection Projection Ephemeral reflection through etherial projection 1:36 2010
Forbidden Cigarette A tough story about a rough hookup 5:30 2011
Point Of View
You see it every day but you'd never want to be there.
0:49 2012
Deepthroat Study #27
A messy deepthroat session
11:09 2014
Snubbed by Festivals
Wasteland Images and sounds from cable TV protray a grim portrait of Americans 8:13 2004
The Nude Woodsman The colder it is the hotter I get! 5:20 2008
Meet Me Under The Joshua Tree Reality sucks. And swallows. And spits it back out. 19:24 2009
You see it every day and always love to be there.
1:42 2013
The Gong Show
Network News 2000 Political satire as a ficticious news broadcast from November 19, 2000 2:30 1998
Come Come shots. Nothing but Come Shots. 2:30 1999
Skin Shot A deliberate attempt to get gonged 1:47 2000
Eating Pussy This video defies description 2:00 2001
Malfunction Blvd Found footage from the National Archives you HAVE to see 2:45 2002
Ups & Downs The male anatomy from a new perspective 1:30 2003
Bonus Disk
Further A hitchiker goes wherever and meets whoever 22:00 1997
Insomnia A guy who can't sleep ponders the nature of his existance 10:00 1998
Skin Deep A black college student interviews a gay skinhead 27:30 1998
Similar Strokes An otherworldly montage of underwater imagery 10:00 2000
Love Pyre Does love blaze, smolder, or die? 2:30 2000
Folsom Video music montage of the Folsom St. Fair 2000 and 2001 4:10 2003
Black Tie Gray Sky A 60's car and a 70's haircut can lead to unexpected places 6:47 2003
My Home Town You can go home again, but you might not like what you see 6:55 2004
Faggot of the Opera An unexpected snow storm makes odd bedfellows 12:35 2004
Tricky Trick Be careful who you pick up 4:17 2013
Buds A father and son have more in common than they know 6:40 2021
Gratuitous Erotica
Sepia Sunday A boy and his toy on a summer sunday afternoon 4:15 2001
Whimsy Pool - The Movie Homo-erotic self-portraiture in motion 1:31 2002
Chelsea Solstice Climax A hot jerkoff in the Chelsea Hotel on the morning of the Winter Solstice 1:51 2008
Deepthroating Danny Going down on an old suck buddy 2:06 2009
I'm Gonna Cum If you keep playing with yourself like that, sooner or later you're going to cum. 1:44 2014
Back Stroke Lie on your back and stroke stroke stroke until you get wet 0:42 2014
Cum On Me
It's like you're taking it in the face
0:30 2014
Miscellanea and Scraps
Raving Jolt When Pink Floyd meets Jolt Cola 3:12 1992
The Belgian Girl Playing with my toys 2:16 1993
Toaph's Toybox What'll Toaph do when the Pud Inspector comes knocking? 9:31 1993
Birds of Prey from Yesterday Aircraft from WWII and the men who flew them 29:30 1997
F1 Info Commentary on the first 6 races of the 1999 Formula 1 racing season 6x27:30 1999
Commercial Interest Siskel & Ebert review show for TV commercials instead of movies 6x27:30 1999
Shawn A dicey situation and a leap of faith 1:30 2000
Queer Love Shoe Fest Getting naked with the royal "we" 1:42 2008
Frosty The Homo Below zero gets me hot 1:15 2009
Green Christmas Sleigh Ride
Top down driving December
3:18 2013
Bob Cooper's Secret
Character Study
2:11 2017
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